Links roundup 6 January 2012

Massive cakes, upside down underwater gardening and building your own Hadron Collider. Lots to make, do and see in our roundup of the links we've been looking at this week...

Building a business, from ideas to getting paid

Confusing user journeys, from accidental to deliberate

Software design, from clunky to elegant

  • It looks like 2012 might be the year when IE6 is finally and truly laid to rest. Microsoft started the year by celebrating with a massive cake (we like their style) that IE6 has been defeated to less than 1% of browsers in the US. According to the IE6 Countdown page, the UK isn't far behind, currently on 1.4%

And finally...

  • It might take your brain a few seconds to figure out what's going on in this video - we think they're upside down, underneath a frozen lake. Surely only a matter of time until a band rips this off for a music video...
  • Although it now seems likely they will be banned from being sold by Apple, this Steve Jobs action figure has scarily detailed hands and facial hair.

Rckt news

  • This week, we've launched a Careers page on our website, with information for people who might like to work here. 
  • We've also launched the new homepage for UK Online Centre's Go-On campaign, which we've designed and built.

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