Links roundup 3 February 2012

Every week we round up some of the links that have caught the eye of members of Team Rckt. This week, we've got Jaguars that look like Cheetahs, Wookies that look like Grinches, and books that look like mountain ranges. Confused? You will be! 

Website redesigns

  • Every type of data visualisation known to man can be found in this events listing site for Spirit Nottingham including timelines, picture clouds, tag clouds, maps, and grids. Loving the full screen HTML5 goodness.
  • Radical site (re)designs for and BBC Sport, with polarised reaction around the web to both. 

Looking at the world differently

Making new things from others

Museums Sheffield funding cuts

  • We made a Wordle visualisation of the most common words found in the public's comments on Museums Sheffield's "cuts" blog post:
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  • And we love this drawing, found by @RosieEagleton on the Weston Park comment wall:
    UK Government Y U No Fund Sheffield

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